Article about the importance of genetics for skincare

According to SEO for plastic surgeons, scientist place the number of genes that we have around 20000-25000, but none of them seem to be only about skin, rather many genes work together to create the skin we have. For an example, both collagen and melanin which are parts of our skin structure and pigment, are both proteins. So, they are greatly affected by our genes.The issues both positive and negative that our parents and grandparents pass down to us in our skin are a gift (well sometimes, but not always) because of our genes. This can greatly affect the way we approach skincare and what we do on a personal level or an ongoing basis.

Hereditary issues come into play in many of our skin issues, along with the rest of our make up physically. While looking for article on skincare, many of the SEO consultants in Fort Worh come up with the fact that our skin types and color tones are passed down from generation to generation. At the same time, we are not perfect clones of our parents, so we have slightly different issues and makeup from the generations that came before us. This is why it is good to know where you have come from, but also to be aware of what your own unique issues might be. The genetics you receive, they can not be changed, but you can learn to live with and help the skincare issues that your genes have passed on to you.

Mutations come from gene disorders and these are not all from birth, but can develop as you age as well. There are dozens of skin disorders that affect our skin, and many of these are passed down through our genetics from family member to family member. This is something that often we can not do anything about. Below is a list of four easy things that we can do to help our skins look, feel and actually be healthier without too much effort at all!

Use sunscreen
UV rays are super harmful to skin and everyone knows this. That is why it is some important to protect your skin from those harmful rays of the sun. The damage that comes from the sun is most often the visible signs of aging that are out there for everyone to see. This is why you want to protect yourself, so those aging signs are slowed down!

Drink lots of water
We are mostly made up of water in your physical bodies, so it is no surprise that our skin thrives when we have plenty of water in our systems! If you are hoping to shed the dead skin faster and promote new cell growth, water is being properly hydrated is the key. You can transform your skin tone, from the inside out simply be drinking enough water on a daily basis. How much water? Experts say 8-10 glasses a day of water is likely enough.

Limit alcohol
The opposite side of drinking water is avoiding alcohol. Alcohol can cause a lack of hydration in your skin. Think about it, we clean with alcohol and it evaporates quickly, the stuff you drink is doing the same thing in your body! Experts suggest adding two glasses of water from every drink of alcohol you have! Keep hydrated, that is the name of the game!

Do not smoke
Smoking damaged more than your lungs. Your skin is damaged by the chemicals and smoke that is from the cigarettes. This can congest the pours and cause issues as your skin will not be able to breathe properly. Be sure to keep your skin clear and clean and an easy way to help with this … do not smoke for the health of your skin!

So often we think of skincare and thing of the aisle upon aisle of products and treatments that we can go and get. We think about the massive amounts of money that can be spent. Four simple steps can help you with a large variety of skin issues, and they really do not cost us much. Drinking water, not drink alcohol, no smoking and using sunscreen, a four-step plan that is simple and very easy to implement right away. Do these four things for a period of time and see if your skin is feeling and looking better. See if these four steps are able to help you with any issues that you might be having. Genetics is a powerful thing, and yes, it is how we come to have the skin that we do. At the same time habits are a powerful thing, and if we have the right habits, particularly in our skincare, we can offset many problems and issues. Why not give it a try!